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    SiGZoNE Advertising Tool

    Post by Randy on Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:10 pm

    Hey Buddys.
    We have been growing tremendously but i want to take it to another level.
    I Have noticed an advertising loophole on lots of forums.

    Signature Loophole Tool:

    When you are on other forums such as World of GoSu, Ragezone, KryptoDev, PlanetRenders, and etc... add This Sig into your signature Smile

    It may not be the best, but it is a great advertising tool.

    PMing Loophole Tool:
    Moderators usually do not look at your private messages from you to other members.
    Private message This to all the people you can on as many forums as possible.

    Im Just Telling you about SiGZoNE Very Happy
    SiGZoNE is the best place for GFX.
    So Far, we have over 1000 Posts and Many active members!
    We sure are growing fast!
    We have got many sections in the forums.
    ALL The sections are about GFX xept for the Rules, everything in SiGZoNE Must Reads, and the General Off Topic Discussion.
    Why dont you join?
    Its a great experience and we are very into SOTWs, Contests, and Battles.
    After we start to grow even more, we will be hiring another Super Moderator!
    Join while we are new and have a high post count by the time lots more people join!

    Join Now! Its lots of fun and very active. Although not everyone is online at once (Still very active) , after 5-10 minutes there is always a reply(s) to your thread or to your comment.
    I Know most of you hate when its not vBulliten.
    We are running on Forumotion but its still very easy to use.
    The Style of the forums is fantastic.
    (Another reason we are not vB is that i cannot afford it and i will not get Nulled)

    So, Join Now we are waiting Very Happy

    >>>(YOUR NAME HERE)<<<<<

    PS. You aint gotta be pro to join. It dont matter if you are to pro for us either. You would be a top Dog.

    Ok sooo use these 2 ways to attract people to sigzone and we will soon be a much greater community.

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