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    GFX Foundation

    Post by Minseok on Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:10 pm

    I call the work we do "art"

    Therefore, I brought what I've done in "art" to "gfx"

    Foundation is a key to everything a person does.
    Without a good foundation, you can't build a house.
    Without a good background, you can't make things come together.

    First, choose an image or create something that you want to make a main focus towards. Anything from weird shapes, renders, characters, etc...everything can be made to work.

    Second, you have to take some time to create a "theme" and/or "idea." Once you have these you can start to look around for brushes, create patterns, etc.

    Third, understand what you are trying to show off. If it's your name, than focus on "projecting" it. Whenever you design a banner, or a sig...the main point is to show your skills and who you are. But there is a such thing as "too much."

    Note: When you are working on a piece of art, you have know when you've put enough. Too many things occurring in a image will cause a lot of distraction and the main point of the work will look keep it simple, and know when to stop.

    Finally, the most important aspect of art..COLOR. Understand the color triangle. Certain colors go together, such as Red/Green. You can simply ruin a piece of art if you put in too many colors, or put together colors that don't fit...I have put a link of the color triangle below..please do not be afraid to use it.

    -Color Triangle-

    Also, a way to get colors to work with images is simple...Your clues are on the character, etc. If a character is wearing red, maybe I should use different shades of red w/ a little black.


    Well, the rest is up to your imagination.

    What I use:
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 (64 Bit) -Recommended
    Paint.NET -Free, great for beginners

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